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Internal Implant Internal Implant System Flow Chart
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, Internal Implant System Flow Chart

With our establishment in 2000, our internal implant system quickly became CSM Implant¨s most popular internal implant system and main products of our all implant products. Our internal implant is improved its design for soft tissue to minimize peri-implant, and convenience of abutment connection. Our internal implant has many types of models; straight type and tapered types of fixtures, etc. Straight and tapered types of internal implant are both designed for internal connection in gingival level implant. There is more information about our internal implant system. Have your time to search for our internal implant system!

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internal implant fixture

internal implant flow chart

internal implant operation procedure

internal implant unpacking process

internal implant upper part

submerged implant fixture

submerged implant flow chart

submerged implant operation procedure

submerged implant unpacking process

submerged implant upper part